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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Choose DJ Plus?
Creating a great party for an audience of wide ranging ages and musical tastes is both an art and a science. As a musician, I bring an appreciation and understanding of all styles of music to my dj work. I know the difference between a waltz, swing beat, blues shuffle, reggae, rock, and hip hop etc… My experience and musical knowledge come into play when linking songs together and creating different grooves. This is most important when keeping your party moving and a dance floor full.


Why the "Plus"?
The optional live music on sax, guitar, and keys adds another dimension and spice to the party. Many guests enjoy hearing and seeing a live musician and not just the typical dj presentation. Whether I play cocktail hour piano, a jazz tune on sax during dinner, or calypso guitar during dessert, it's all in the flow of the party. The live music is optional, but included in any pricing. Some clients prefer recorded dj music only.


How do we see you at work?
The best way for you to see me in action is to be a guest at a party. Just dropping in on a wedding or other event is a not always effective. You may not have a good view or feel comfortable and it may be a different party than you are planning. An appointment at my studio in Pembroke, Ma gives you the opportunity to see and hear what I do and to ask a number of questions. We also get to know each other and I learn about your musical tastes and directions for your event.


Do you take requests?
First and foremost I include your dedications, requests and directions for songs and styles to play and not play. Guests are encouraged to make requests. I will play these requests always keeping in mind your "play" and "do not play" lists. I find that if I am doing my job, I don't get many requests. You and your guests are too busy on the dance floor enjoying the party!


What do you use for equipment? Do you have back up equipment?
I use JBL powered speakers. They are crystal clear and provide surprisingly powerful sound when needed. Music is played from Gateway laptops using Native Instruments software. Everything is mixed through a Behringer 16 channel mixer. I also carry Sony cd players, a backup mixer and Mackie speaker. In the case of power failure or for no power situations, I have an Alesis battery powered speaker. I also have the ultimate backup system. I jump on my acoustic guitar or a nearby piano if available and keep the party going. It's happened!


How do we plan the event?
This is my full time occupation. I make a point to answer your phone calls and emails promptly and provide information to ease you through the planning process. I have performed at hundreds of weddings and other events. When it comes to planning the formalities, I can offer suggestions and a variety of options. As the date approaches we can finalize plans between phone calls, emails, or a meeting at my studio.


Do you use cds or mp3s?
I have moved to mp3 files played from laptops. Computers now can deliver cd quality sound with greater flexibility for cueing and song search. I also have some cds and players on hand.


Do you do Karaoke?
I don't have the traditional karaoke setup. With the piano, guitar and sax and some backing tracks, I have inspired and accompanied and both rehearsed and spontaneous performances by party guests, (some good, some bad, and some ugly!). Also, I have also accompanied singers for wedding ceremonies.


Do you use props and games?
Every crowd is different. Some clients want just the music with little talking while others want party props, hats, trivia, limbo and other party games. I'm prepared for either scenario. I only incorporate props and games when I know it will fit with your directions and add to the party.


What do you wear?
For formal weddings and parties I wear a black tuxedo shirt, tux pants, gold silk vest, and a button style tie. I find this look works and offers me flexibility of movement.


Do you travel?
I am located about 40 minutes south of Boston in Pembroke , MA . Most points on the Cape , South Shore to Providence and greater Boston are within an hour. I do travel throughout New England for weddings and other events.


Why not just connect my IPOD to a sound system?
I have heard of this idea in the media and from a few function hall coordinators. Mp3 and cd tracks very greatly in volume and require constant adjustment. A disc jockey is there to make these adjustments and overlap beginnings and endings to create a groove and keep a dance floor full. Also, an experienced disc jockey will read the audience as the party changes. These few function hall coordinators who have witnessed IPOD parties report disastrous results.


"Dave, Scott and I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did at our wedding. You were fantastic and everyone thought so. You can be sure that in the future when we need a DJ, we will call you. I have already recommended you to a few people. Thanks a million. "

Paula & Scott Anderson
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